Medha Karandikar



In just two words, my work is made up of lines and color. Flowing lines and the vivid colors of my native India. The design elements from fabrics and sculpture, folk art and architecture from India are an unmistakable influence.

The subjects of my paintings and the media I use are varied. Women, birds, fish feature often, and I sometimes even use tea as paint! Collage is my passion, and colored pencils and pen-and-ink a favorite medium. I have now been working mostly in acrylics, and often mix my media on the same piece.

I have shown extensively in East Tennessee, and a couple of times in California. I was a gallery artist for ten years at James-Ben Art Gallery in Greeneville, TN.

A three-month- long solo show at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville was a high point, and after a good break, I am now ready to follow the creative impulse.